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 Students (Bildquelle: Don Bosco Schülerheim Klagenfurt)

How to register as an international student

  1. At first please ask for free rooms at your required time.
  2. If there is a room available send us a copy of your passport.
  3. After getting your copy we´ll send you the bank details to transfer the deposit money*
  4. When we got the money we´ll send you the contract for presentation to the ambasy

* The high of the deposit money depends on the lengh of your stay (normaly it is two rents)

prices for university-students (without food)

€ 50 registration
€ 400 monthly rent in doubleroom
€ 455 - € 503 monthly rent in singleroom
Deposit money: up to two rents (it depends on the lengh of your stay)

The registration and deposit money has to be payed at least at arriving.
The monthly rent has to be payed at the beginning of every month.